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Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation (Livestock Claims)

The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program (OWDCP) provides financial assistance to producers whose livestock, poultry or honey bees have been damaged or killed by wildlife. The following helpful information about OWDCP is available on the OMAFRA website:

  • Preventing Losses to Predators (Fencing Options, Management Practices, Living with Wolves, Predation Tools)
  • Dealing with Deadstock
  • Reducing and Managing Conflict
  • Compensation Program Guidelines
  • Producer resources (Producers FAQ)

How Ontario's Wildlife Damage Compensation Program Works

  1. Owners inform the municipality within 48 hours of discovery if predation is believed to be the cause of damage or loss
  2. Municipality informs the investigator
  3. Investigator documents evidence and completes application form
  4. Completed application is submitted to the municipality 
  5. Municipality submits the completed application to OMAFRA
  6. OMAFRA reviews the application for completeness and eligibility
  7. Owner has 20 business days to appeal outcome of the application

Michael Swidersky is Town’s Livestock Investigator and can be reached at 519-923-9595.


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