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Mono water townHomes in subdivisions and businesses in the Coles Industrial subdivision receive water from the municipal water system. Meters are read and water rates billed once a month. The Water bills can be sent over email. To register for paperless billing email your account number, name, and email address to [email protected]. Water rates, shown below, are calculated on a sliding scale which increases with higher consumption as we encourage users to conserve water.

The water systems are constantly monitored and maintained, which includes periodic flushing of the water mains. When this is done, water may be discoloured for a short period of time, but should be clean within 24 hours. Residents are notified when flushing is planned.

Who to contact

If you experience problems with your water during business hours, please notify the Public Works Department.

  • Problems with your meter
    519-941-3599 extension 233 or email [email protected]
  • External problems with water supply (i.e. in your front yard)
    519-941-3599 extension 233 or email [email protected]
  • Billing
    519-941-3599 extension 223

For after-hours water emergencies, please call
Press #3 for Public Works
Press #9 for Afterhours.

Water Rates
Cubic Metres/Year Charge per Cubic Metre
  2016 2017 2018
  $5.00 flat rate per month
1-350 $2.03 $2.07 $2.11
351-500 $2.38 $2.43 $2.48
501-650 $2.58 $2.63 $2.68
651-800 $2.74 $2.79 $2.85
801-1,000 $2.91 $2.97 $3.03
1,001 & up $3.07 $3.13 $3.19

Water System Reports

In the Documents section at right are reports that are available for all interested residents to review.

Operational Plan

The Town of Mono recently released an Operational Plan for the Town's water supply and distribution system. This Plan was developed in order to meet the Ministry of the Environment's Drinking Water Quality Management Standards.

The Quality Management System (Operational Plan) was created for the operation and maintenance of the Town of Mono's water supply and distribution systems, collectively the "Mono Water Works", is documented in this Operational Plan. It has been prepared by the Operating Authority (Town of Orangeville) for the systems, as part of their continuous efforts to ensure clean , safe and reliable drinking water is supplied to all customers served by the Town of Mono systems.

The development, implementation and continual improvement of the Operational Plan will help to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met, and that consumers can be confident that their drinking water will be safeguarded through the effective application of the Quality Management System.

Quality Management System Policy

The following is the Quality Management System Policy for the Town of Mono Drinking Water Systems.

The Town of Mono commits to:

  • the provision of safe drinking water to the customers that are served by the water works systems it owns and operates;
  • using an accredited operating authority to operate and maintain its drinking water systems;
  • maintain and continually improve the Quality Management System for the operation of its water works systems; and
  • complying with the applicable legislation and regulations.
  • The Water Quality Management System Plan is available for viewing at the Municipal Office.
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