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The Town of Mono Council has identified community consultation and participation as key priorities. Town Hall meetings have been implemented to allow an open dialogue between residents and Council for a free exchange of ideas and information in an informal atmosphere.

Council may also invite staff or other people knowledgeable in a topic of interest to give a presentation or answer technical questions.

Previous Town Hall Meetings

25 March

The Director of Public Works Michael Dunmore gave a presentation on water quality; and Mono resident John Ito and Bo Cheyne from Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health spoke about the health risks of radon gas accumulating in buildings including people's homes. The presentations were followed by an open forum.

Town Hall Meeting Questions and Responses

The waste water system has been operational for 2 years. With the delay in closings of Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Fieldstone site, has the council reviewed the operating costs and provided an update to the residents regarding the excessive flat rate fee for waste water.
The applicant is actually ahead of schedule on completion of the development. The Town has committed to completing a review of the fees for the system when build-out is complete and operational costs are better established
If ever there was a constant drought for our area, and the wells of Orangeville became extremely low, would the solution be for the Town of Orangeville to truck in water to replenish the wells? After last year's drought, and not that much snow this winter, we're both concerned about the long term effects of water usage and the growing population using the resources up more and more.
Neither the Town of Mono nor the Town of Orangeville had any short term effects on their municipal water supplies last year, even during the drought conditions. If the Town of Orangeville systems were stressed, it would be expected that the Mono systems would also be stressed. If necessary, the Towns would implement water conservation techniques, ranging initially from voluntary usage restrictions to mandatory water bans if problems persist. Importation from other sources (e.g. areas where drought is not occurring, lake based sources) would be a last resort option.
I realize that the County deals with housing yet I'm wondering what we can do as a town to support reasonable housing given the extreme cost of housing (both ownership and most rentals) in our time. I'm thinking especially about those who are single and young. Are there bylaws we can look at to allow for example, tiny homes on properties that cannot be severed? Is there land where there could be some co-housing built that is geared to income? Can we think creatively in a way that is environmentally responsible and allows for more people to have a home?
Affordable housing is a problem that extends beyond municipal boundaries. It has been recently addressed in the Federal Budget this week, and must be addressed by all levels of governments. With the significant land prices in Mono and without available development land on full water and sewer services it is difficult for Mono to realistically provide affordable housing as set out by the Province.
Will the Town of Mono provide locking blue boxes to prevent recyclables blowing in the neighborhood?
Mayor Ryan advised that the garbage matter would be referred back to County Waste Management.
Will the Town enforce bylaws against Brookfield for blowing debris?
The Town will contact Brookfield to monitor clean up on the property and stormwater management ponds.
Can the Town develop "kiddie parks" in the Brookfield community?
CAO Mark Early advised that both major residential areas were developed with larger regional style parks and that the Town had no plans to build smaller parks in the area.
Will the Town support the Township of Mulmur's resolution to prohibit the trial of motorized vehicles in County forests?
Mayor Ryan advised that she did not feel that the trial of motorized vehicles would be moving forward.
Can the Town utilize the Strategic Plan 3 E's to discourage or prohibit unwanted development proposals?
CAO Mark Early advised that municipalities must process all applications; however, he is looking at a standardized report to Council which would take into account the 3 E's to assist Council in its deliberations.
Will the Town be providing the costs of the Cox, Singer and Greenwood hearings and/or applications?
Mayor Ryan noted that the cost of the Cox Normal Farm Practices Protection Board hearing was already reported to Council, that the Singer matter is currently awaiting a decision, and that the Greenwood costs will be borne by the applicant during the planning process.
Why did Council object to the Singer application?
Mayor Ryan stated that Council objected because the application lacked clarity and was not supported by neighbours due to noise and environmental concerns.
Is the Town aware of fill being moved onto the Greenwood Aggregate proposal property?
This was the first time the Town had heard this concern. A neighbour indicated that it is manure being brought onto the land for agricultural use.
Please provide an update on the status of the Greenwood Aggregates application including any responses to any of the objection letters.
The letters have been filed with MNR under the Aggregates Resources Act and the applicant (Greenwood) has up to 2 years to resolve the concerns.
I would like to enquire about the issue of dust, speeding & safety on 25 Sideroad.
The speeding and safety issue will be forwarded to the police services board.
Is Council putting pressure on the County to have Mono Centre Road re-paved?
Those works are in the 2017 County budget.
12 November

Town Hall Meeting Questions and Responses

Resident’s concern re: neighbour property uses and enforcement.
It was suggested that documented file received from the resident be reviewed and by-law enforcement would be required if appropriate.
Spreading of sewage sludge and proper documentation on properties especially well head protection areas.
Council will follow up with current enforcement and book time with MOECC to ensure compliance with regulations is documented. Staff will investigate with OMAFRA and MOECC on follow-up enforcement on specific properties.
The Town’s involvement in monitoring water quality.
Annual reports are circulated on monitoring of Town water systems and are posted on our website. The Town is responsible for the water system and the proper maintenance standards being performed. Protecting Source Water Areas is on the current agendas and Council will be attending upcoming conferences to speak with Ministry staff on the issue.
When will the first meeting with Adamo Winery take place?
The meeting is being scheduled to include OMAFRA reps, staff, member from Council and citizen reps. It will be scheduled in the New Year.
Post Script: This meeting was held on January 13th, 2017 details of which can be found on the Adamo Winery page of the Town's website.
Should NVCA be involved in sludge spreading issue?
Council will ensure that NVCA is contacted with any concerns or discussions required when permits are issued by MOECC or OMAFRA.
Community Centres are costing too much in tax payer dollars to maintain. What options are being discussed to lower the cost to maintain these facilities?
Council continues to monitor the costs for these centres and have asked the Director of Recreation to investigate further opportunities to increase rental revenues to try to balance maintenance costs.
Why were trees cut on private property?
The Director of Public Works will be asked to do a site visit to investigate the property in question.
Has a ward system in the Town for municipal elections been considered?
Yes. All members of Council prefer to be elected “at large” as it balances the view at the Council table. All residents have to be considered in decisions for services and all 5 members have to represent all residents with the current system.
Where are we at with High Speed Internet service?
The County is a member in the new SWIFT project that will bring fibre-optic cabling into the region though we still need to complete the “last mile” to connect our rural residents. It is a costly and difficult process and Council continues to investigate options with Internet Service Providers.
Post Script: You can test the quality of your Internet connection at
Citizen Engagement is still a problem. What can be done to further involve residents with the decisions for the Town?
Council has started these Town Hall meetings to provide information and exchange of ideas. We are looking into social media and our website is worked on regularly to enhance the information provided. Regular briefs are provided after each Council meeting.
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Why are the youth of our community not involved with Council business?
Council acknowledged that this is a concern and are looking for opportunities in include the youth in the community. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Traffic concerns on Mono-Amaranth Townline and speeding.
Council will refer this to Mono Police Services Board for monitoring.
General Comments were heard regarding the format of Town Hall meetings and that a sound system needs to be used. General consensus asked for regular meetings and more informative speakers. It was suggested that there are more ways to communicate with citizens than just the website. Advertising of meetings in future would help attendance.
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