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Town of mono signThe Roads Department constructs and maintains municipal roads and bridges, which involves grading, repairing and improving road and bridge structures, maintaining signs, culverts, ditches and shoulders, snow clearing and sanding in the winter months and dust control and grading during the rest of the year. This department also looks after street lights and provision of a crossing guard at the Mono Amaranth school.

Roads maintenance is ongoing throughout the year. With about 261 kms of roads in the Town, it takes many hours for our equipment to work over the entire system. In a winter storm event, our roads crew is out on the job by 4:30 a.m. Please be patient, we will get to your road as soon as we can.

Calcium chloride for dust control is applied once a year to gravel roads, usually starting in late May, and takes about a month to six weeks to complete.

Road Hazards

If you are aware of a road hazard (i.e. a missing Stop sign, dangerous washout or dead deer on the road), please notify us at 519-941-3599, extension 225 or 228, during office hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).

After office hours, please call 519-939-2480 and leave a message (time, date and nature of emergency).

The following roads are County roads and problems on them should be referred to Dufferin County Roads Department at 519-941-2775 or 519-925-6661 during regular hours Monday to Friday, or after hours via pager at 519-939-7870:

  • Hockley Valley Road (County Road #7);
  • County Road #16 (Veterans Way);
  • Mono Centre Road (County Road #8);
  • Airport Road (County Road #18);
  • County Road #10;

Problems on Hwys. #9, #10 or #89 should be referred to the Ministry of Transportation, Shelburne Patrol Yard at 519-925-4325 (regular hours) or 519-377-6517 (after hours).

Winter Conditions

Please be patient as we have 261 kilometres of road to maintain. Many of the sidewalks are maintained in the winter including in front of the Mono-Amaranth Public School on County Roads 16 and 7. The Town of Mono does not maintain or clear the area in front of Canada Post super-mailboxes or the mailboxes in rural mail delivery areas. The Town also does not maintain trails.

» More information pertaining to Road and Sidewalk Snowplowing.

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