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Planning Department staff assist property owners and developers through the municipal planning process, including:


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The Planning Department is actively involved in ensuring that all development in the Town is environmentally and economically sustainable, and meets the development guidelines set by the municipality. Mono experiences strong growth pressure as a desirable location for spinoff development from the Greater Toronto Area. The Town's objective to balance the opportunity for growth against the need to protect its treasured scenic and environmental resources is paramount.

Site Plan Approvals

Commercial, industrial, institutional, open space, special rural and some land uses within the Oak Ridges Moraine are subject to site plan control in accordance with Section 41 of the Planning Act. Applications for Site Plan Approval including Information on the application process are available to download.

The Site Plan Approval process includes circulation of the proposed plans to various ministries, conservation authorities and engineering, legal and internal municipal staff. The average processing time to issuance of a building permit is 6-8 weeks, depending on the quality of drawings submitted.


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