Heritage Tree and Seedling Program

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Each year the Town of Mono offers a heritage tree and seedling program.

Tree Seedling Program

Over a dozen species are typically available. Each seedling is between one and 3 years old. The program offers both tree and shrub species which are suited for general reforestation and wildlife habitat.

Seedling Program
Tree Seedlings Coniferous White Pine  Red Pine  White Spruce  Norway Spruce  Balsam Fir  White Cedar
Deciduous Red Oak  Red Maple  Sugar Maple  American Chestnut
Wildlife Shrubs Red Osier Dogwood  Tamarack Serviceberry/Saskatoon High Bush Cranberry, Nannyberry
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See 2018 order form for details. Orders commence fall 2017.

Heritage Tree Program

The program offers Heritage Trees in pots to residents of Mono at a reasonable cost for spring planting.

Heritage Tree Program
Sugar Maple 5' - 6' potted
White Birch 5' - 6' potted
Bur Oak 5' - 6' potted
Red Oak 4 - 5' potted

Orders and payment must be received at the Town Office by February each year.

Orders will be available for pick-up at the Town Office, Municipal Works Garage, in April.

» Download the 2018 Order Form.

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