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Item Fee More Info
Bingo Lottery Licence 3% of prize value » See AGCO Charitable Gaming website
Civic Marriage Ceremonies $250  
Community Centres $81 - $998 » See the Banquet Facilities for details about the town's two community centres.
» Rental Rates Information
Development Charges Residential: $10,311.93
Non-residential: $4.06 per square foot
» See Planning
Dog Tags Spayed/neutered
1st Dog: $15
2nd Dog: $30
3rd Dog: $40

Not Spayed/neutered
1st Dog: $20
2nd Dog: $40
3rd Dog: $40

Required annually. Animal control, including dog tags, is handled by the Orangeville branch of the OSPCA.

Ontario SPCA
Orangeville & District Branch
650 Riddle Road
Orangeville, ON L9W 5G5

» Dog license application
Dog tags can be purchased at any of the following locations:

Entrance Permit Residential: $100 + $300 deposit.
Commercial: $200 + $300 deposit
Deposits refunded upon completion of entrance in compliance with Town standards

» See Roads Department for more info.

Fire Permit No Charge Required annually.

» See Fire Bylaw for further details
» Fire Permit Application

Green Bins Replacements:
No charge
Additional bins:
$15 - curbside bin
$5 - kitchen catcher
You must return your broken bin to receive a free replacement. There is no charge to new residents for first set of bins

» See Waste Management for more info.

Lottery Licence See Bingo lottery licences above or contact the Town office at 519.941.3599 
Planning Department Minor Variance Application: $250
Severance Application: $500
Official Plan amendment: Variable
Zoning compliance: $75
Municipal Approval: $60
» See Planning for more info.
Tax Certificate $80  
Tax Arrears 1 ¼% per month or part thereof. » See Treasury & Taxes for more info.
Water Compliance Letter $20  
Water meter final reading $20 Included in final billing
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