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Country Dining Pleasures

Dining in Mono is a history lesson in itself. Close your eyes and travel back one hundred and fifty years ago to the days of the stagecoach lines. Up in the very north east corner of Mono you'll find the Globe Restaurant. Back in the 1800's there were three hotels on the corners of Rosemont. One night the Globe's rival hotel across the road caught fire. The only source of water was on the Globe's corner where the innkeeper's wife stood guard over the well pump with a shotgun while her competitor burned. The pump still stands on the corner today.

Mono Cliffs Inn once was the bustling general store and post office in Mono Centre for over one hundred years when it closed down in 1976. Since 1987 hikers, locals and visitors have been wined and dined at the Mono Cliffs Inn. A cellar pub, upstairs dining room, patio and private dining rooms provide an intimate setting for sampling the Inn's excellent cuisine and vast selection of Australian wines.

Heritage restaurants, fine resort dining or down home country cooking… you'll find it all in Mono.

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