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Photo credit: Nadia Prigoda-LeeArticles of cultural, historical & geological significance, or of other general interest, pertaining to life in and around the Town of Mono.

Did you know is dedicated to articles, written for the most part by local residents, about the natural history of Mono and surrounding area. Residents are encouraged to submit original works on a diverse range of subjects such as:

  • Pioneers
  • Forming of Mono and Dufferin
  • Formation of the Niagara Escarpment
  • The miles of ice and the melting and related landscape
  • The formation of the Hockley Valley
  • Aboriginal people's

This list is by no means exhaustive. We will review all submissions and post the best on these pages. We will also publish select articles in the Town's newsletter. Additionally, you can subscribe to receive each article as it is published via email.

For more information on submitting an article to Did you know, please contact us.

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Below are the articles that we have selected for  publication.  They are also listed at right under the Related Links heading.

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