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In Fall 2016, the Town received several calls and other communications regarding the use of propane fired cannons or bird bangers at the Adamo Estate Winery.

Bird Bangers are propane-fired cannons that emit sounds to scare away birds. Bird Bangers can be an effective method used by farmers to prevent crop damage by birds and should generally be used with other methods of bird control. Crop damage is a major concern for grape growers from the onset of ripening (veraison) up until harvest in late fall or early winter. The sound can be heard throughout rural areas and in some residential neighbourhoods near vineyards or other crops where they are used.

For information on the consultation process between neighbours and Adamo Estate Winery see the Adamo Winery page.

Municipal Noise Bylaw 2004-16

The Town of Mono Noise Bylaw 2014-16 prohibits the use of propane fired bird cannons (explosive devices) between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. (s.6 of Schedule B to Bylaw 2004-16).

Normal Farm Practice & the FFPPA

If they follow normal farm practice, farmers are protected from nuisance noise complaints by neighbours in accordance with the Farming and Food Production Protection Act (FFPPA) 1998. The legislation defines normal farm practice as one which:

  • is conducted in a manner consistent with proper and acceptable customs and standards, as established and followed by similar agricultural operations under similar circumstances; or
  • makes use of innovative technology in a manner consistent with proper advanced farm management practices.

Normal farm practice is determined by the Normal Farm Practices Protection Board, which is a quasi-judicial administrative board appointed by the provincial government but comprised of non-government members. For information see Normal Farm Practices Protection Board web page.

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) provides addional information in their Using Propane-Fired Cannons to Keep Birds Away From Vineyards factsheet.

For more information on using Bird Bangers or to file a complaint with the Normal Farm Practices Protection Board, please call OMAFRA at 1‑877‑424‑1300 or the secure direct reporting line at 1‑519‑826‑4537.

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