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In Fall 2016, the Town received several calls and other communications regarding the use of propane fired cannons or bird bangers at the Adamo Estate Winery. Council requested that Town staff facilitate a consultation between residents and Adamo Estate Winery.

24 March

Adamo Announces End of Bird Bangers

On March 24th, 2017 Adamo Estate Winery announced that they would no longer utilize bird bangers at their vineyards in Mono.

Shannon Smith, Director of Marketing at Adamo Estate Winery, said the winery will be employing “multi-faceted bird abatement efforts" in lieu of the bird bangers. In their press release the winery stated that they will be adding, "new-to-Canada technology and will be the only vineyard in Canada" to use it.

The Town of Mono congratulates Adamo Estate Winery on their decision to no longer use bird bangers/cannons and applauds their entrepreneurial spirit to invest in these new technologies.

The Town had been facilitating an amicable solution with residents and Adamo Estate Winery to resolve concerns regarding the noise from bird bangers and this step by the winery appears to have settled the matter.

Adamo Estate Winery's press release is available on their Facebook page.

13 January

Adamo Winery Consultation Meeting

» Agenda

The following are meeting notes prepared by the Town and are for information purposes only. They have not been reviewed or approved by any of the attendees.

Mark Early provided opening comments and background on the issue. He indicated that Council had received a resident delegation regarding concerns regarding noise from the use of “bird bangers” at the Adamo Winery. The meeting was being held by the Town to bring together representatives from the residents and the Adamo Winery with the intention of seeking a resolution to the noise issue.

Councillor Manktelow provided comments on behalf of Council.

Tim Brook provided a presentation on the process of the Normal Farm Practices Protection Board (NFPPB). Mr. Brook noted his role at the Ministry was to act as a mediator in discussions between the interested parties.

James Dyck provided a presentation on the use and guidelines of various methods to deter wildlife from crops, including specifics on the use of bird bangers.

The committee was given the opportunity to ask questions and make presentations.

Mark Early noted the Town had recently been involved with a case where a farmer bypassed the municipal process and appealed directly to the NFPPB and asked Tim whether this could occur again either from the farmer or residents. Tim advised that following a conflict resolution process an applicant could proceed to a board hearing. He advised that there were costs to file and that the Board had the discretion to award the payment of costs to either party.

Patricia Murakami made a verbal presentation. There was discussion about how other out of region wineries are dealing with birds/pests.

There was discussion between Terry Woloszyn and Tim Brook regarding the specifics of the bird banger cannons and how many were being used at the Adamo Winery. It was noted that there were two bird bangers being used at the Adamo Winery. Terry requested that it be tabled that if any regulation was being considered by the Town that residents did not want to hear cannon fire constantly, especially if other wineries were to come to Mono. Mark Early clarified that the Adamo Winery was in the Niagara Escarpment Plan (NEP) area and was a permitted use within the NEP. Mark noted that the Town is not the planning authority and would be limited to regulatory or best management practices on a particular operator.

Gary Murakami to Tim Brook, noted one slide in the presentation indicated the purpose of the NFPPB Act was to protect farmers from urban development in farm areas; however the residents in this case were there before the winery. Tim clarified that the NFPPB could rule regardless of who was there first, it would be a consideration of all evidence.

Gary Murakami provided a presentation.

Terry Woloszyn provided a presentation including the negative effects to property values. He asked that the Town’s website on the issue be revised. He also offered to continue discussions with the Adamos.

Felicite Morgan made a verbal presentation including the impact of the cannon fire on horses and the equine industry in Mono.

Jean Paul and Julie Adamo provided answers to questions asked during the discussion, in summary;

  • they have been using a variety of methods, along with the bird bangers to deter the birds;
  • they are currently investigating the use of drones as a new form of deterrent technology;
  • the oldest vines are 5 years old;
  • no one method works as the effectiveness declines as the birds become accustomed the methods being used;
  • in 2015 they lost entire blocks of grapes within minutes;
  • their family has been in the community operating the resort/winery for 31 years;
  • they have staff walking the vines daily to deter birds;
  • there was a significant decrease in loss compared to 2015 when bird bangers were not used and they continually research alternative methods to deter the birds.

Felicite Morgan read some of the questions submitted by members of the gallery. These questions have been transcribed and summarized. References to names and any offensive comments have been removed.

Councillor Manktelow thanked everyone for attending and suggested that a research group be developed consisting of two residents, the Adamos and that the group meet once per month. It was suggested that someone from the Town be included in the research group.

Gary Murakami indicated he preferred to proceed straight to a NFPPB hearing.

Tim Brook indicated that if anyone were to apply to the NFPPB for a hearing he would be asked whether there was ongoing conflict resolution dialogue. Tim clarified that he could participate to monitor and ensure the discussions were moving forward.

James Dyck indicated he was available to provide information and could become involved if there was a viable test project at the winery.

In conclusion, Councillor Manktelow agreed to be the Town representative, Terry Woloszyn will find two residents and Jean Paul and Julie Adamo agreed to participate with the research group. A weekly phone update will be held with participants, followed by a monthly meeting.

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